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Jimmy's Dynamite - Pecan Pies:

Jimmy's Supreme Pecan Pies:

With all of us staying inside protected and safe, especially my age 81 !!! We should take all our talents inside with us. Start doing art everywhere- especially the kitchen !!

My new thrill is cooking, it has become an art form. My Pecan Pies are to die for- they are so much more lively and exciting than anything you can buy. Jimmy's Block Buster Specials are Pecan with Cranberry's and Lumpy Apple Sauce in eggs + Honey. It's all experimental- and then you eat and feel DEVINE with the new taste that is totally satisfying as sex. Write me if you need help with either one. Ha Ha !!!

The Big Deal is settled with ingredients - nothing but the best- it pays with the taste. It is just like pancake batter- you can be so experimental - so many things that are ordinary can be enhanced with individual tastes. I start with a normal recipe and then I let my tongue intuitively tell me what I'm thinking of next !! Then Do IT !!! You have to put it together. OK

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