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Painting + Ginger Sculpture

Life is over when you think it is over. My life today is living every minute with the excitement I can give in thinking I'm still valuable and alive. This painting was done as the first of my efforts to start working again after my precious wife, Lola Sue's death of Dementia.

As her caregiver, I performed the daily task of keeping her clean and healthy with all the provisions needed. This was an awesome job. I never realized how much it would take to perform every day as needed and a lot of humor and good stories and making laughter.

I myself became a new person in the process. I had to give up everything I was doing in my art world context to just be on the job continually- it became monstrous. This took over everything I was doing on my own. Now I find two years later I am still struggling to find my way back into doing my artwork every day. Nothing makes sense- it seems better to go on to other things that have become more important, that I can do. Now I love to write more than anything else. Writing has become the most powerful expression I have ever dreamed of.

#2. I realize now how much my mind continually thinks in theater terms. This painting is a small stage, set up to be the front curtain. I feel I could walk up to the theater and sit down or stand in the front row. I can hardly wait for the curtain to open and I get to see the actors. Perhaps we could imagine our own play materializing and this being the perfect setting.

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