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Porcelain Pitcher, 10 1/2" x 8"(including handle) 1983

Oh God, I bit hard on clay in the first part of my art life. This is porcelain, fired in 83, so it was after teaching at four universities and establishing my own studio in Waverly, CO. I was off running, more toward murals; that was where the excitement was for me in painting. Painting is what I have basically been after all my art life, now it is theater and just living the life of art.

Porcelain was a tough cookie. I made very heavy things and lots of explosions in the kiln. So I had to change my ways and adapt. I especially liked fooling around with different temperatures especially above 1000 degrees F.

Pottery was always very fulfilling but I never could make any money at it and it was just my profit and loss that drove me through years of starvation and a smiling face.

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