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The Changing World of Jim Foster:

I'm so glad I don't look as much like Rodney Dangerfield as I thought !!!

Or looking like John Wayne, really -pu pu ! The closest I come to looking like John Wayne is when I put my Silverbelly Stetson on, which covers up most of everything.

Really - I like a very private life. I don't mind privacy at all. Even my art seems to be all about this inner world I have floating around in my head- that I'm an artist, about everything.

I do only what is needed, brought to me to do, have had the idea floating around in my head for sometime before I started to explain it in my art.

Art to me - has to be alive, it's self. It has to have a bounce. When I showed my work in Asia it was common for a person to stand or sit and really ponder my works. ( Of course they were just trying to understand what made me do such wonders. I feel like all the world has trouble figuring American out. We don't act like them. They are family thinkers. All their thoughts have to consider what their family would thing about their decisions. Here, in America, I don't feel like anyone has the time or the presence of concentration anymore. And our age level differences are making more and more separation in meanings and time.

I'm living with a very active 22 yr old grandson. We sit and talk after we made evening meal.

He says we are rare, to sit and talk inventively, dimensionally, sometime in perfect attunement . What is attunement?- we can sing to each other's music. We can tap to the beat. I don't find him to ever really want to listen to my music, Marvin Gaye, Ellis Marsallis, even Paul Simon is just too old fashion- we don't even get the meaning of this new music.

But he shakes his head when he talks about his generation. They are aware that they are slipping on into another world. I find his music very introspective, hooked to a digital system that can imatate our old fashion instruments and then jump out of them to something I can't describe in any other way than - Rap. This is a huge culture change. Hughe. Even money can make a huge change- coins for dollar bills.

The fact that we like each other's cooking is what brings around every time. It's so good to find someone in my family who is this close to me who thinks we both bring about the magic in our cooking. And then, I ask him to bring some of his music to the living room. He does not watch TV- that is the fastest turn off I can make- he heads out of here to where ever is safe.

Another thing that makes a lot of difference to Elliot is - he loves his new work, at the Red Lobster. The way he looks when he takes off to work- he is already a Star- he looks so good.

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