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Analog meets Digital: 6'x6', oil on canvas

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

This piece is such a divergent vision to painting for me. As my grandson, Elliot, and I lived under one roof for a year or so I got to see through a 22-year-old's eyes and think like -as much as I could understand. Our ages so spanned many generations and I always kept seeing the difference. We talked about our differences. One of the biggest jumps I finally got to see was a totally different way of seeing realism through his conversations. Digital was everything to Elliot, he never looked back. I could see my age person had no way to catch up. And his generation wasn't trying to help us understand at all-we were out of the picture- and Elliot was down the road, thinking on his own.

The last feature is another building of Leggos on top of another building. And this only gives a clue that there will be more buildings, but in my painting I want to stop with the suggestions. It's all there. It's blunt but real, these are the two worlds we are now transitioning with- Analog to Digital. You see what you get and they are both different from each other and our children and society are now using one or the other. These two worlds now are our past and our future. And I don't want my painting to glorify or butter either world up. Some will understand what I am meaning here and some will not. That's OK with me. I stop here with what I can understand.

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