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Anticipation of Human Circumstance:

All the effort to get the theater act going, I want it to get lively. As an artist I don't wish for things I do them and that makes a huge contribution to what I think I am worth every day. I have to produce to be happy.

As long as my work pops out of my hands finished- I don't want to hold anything back. Even if it grosses me out to begin I can pull it out and make it bark, I want a POW, I want shock anyway I can get it. I'm not doing this for anyone but me. If I think of you it is because I love humans. I watch everything they do when I have a chance to mix and mingle. I watch the way people walk, their body stance, posture, the face-(is it lit up or is it barely going?) Be Quiet.

I see a lot in the way people walk, talk, look,( out - look in), body language is all from watching other people do other people and sometimes themselves. In America - we act as wild mustangs- we go where we want. They don't do that in Asia. And you don't talk in Asia either- not controversial? Unn ugghh No. You keep a lot of things to yourself in Asia.

A conversation is worth a lot to me. I know where you are at when we trade ideas- talk.

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