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ARC, 7'x50', 7'steel x 50' copper pipe, Jim Foster

ARC, 7'x50', 2"copper pipe, 7'vertical steel ( old grader blade .)

In deep gratitude to my parents -1961-62, I was a pipeline welder for my parent's construction company,- laying natural gas lines, to the house from the field- heavy equipment operator, road building.) Walden, Fredrick, Firestone, Dacono.

The ARC is so beautiful when it snows- the shadow cast is amazing. It has remained vertical in all kinds of wind/weather.

I love to walk out the entire 50' with this piece. Listening to the far end, handing in the wind, to hear some humming noise. I like to humm to the tone I hear and use this piece as a performance piece with catching the sound. It has a glisten all its own. Rain coming in, blowing sideways, will cause a radiant glow from the sunshine off the arc form.

I play golf out in this pasture with the ARC standing near I hit the ball over the arc and use it as a ballistic target to hit or parallel with the arc of the golf ball.

At various times I have resurfaced the 50' copper Pipe with various patina and polishing effects. Every time the changes to this surface makes a totally different piece.

I was able to pay for my education and wife Sue for B.A. degrees 1963 with this construction work. I feel very fortunate to have had these opportunities to work within our family.

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