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Beach Stones still watching waves.

Beach Stones from San Francisco harbor, picked up with an old friend Jerry Wyman. We were unaware either of us could die with such happiness and sharing.

And how we miss old friends. He invited me to his last birthday, it was miles away, I hadn't enough money, my family was dead set against it. So I had to tell my old old friend, a fellow artist that I couldn't make it out to San Fran this time. I took it as no great weight or a big deal. But when he passed away soon after that Birthday I will never forgive myself, like a lot of other life events where we just didn't believe we had to make such a special effort. To this day I can remember Jerry, all he and his family did with ours to make the best of what we had with each other. Always giving our love, never understanding their deaths. Cynthia being the most hilarious and nutty. Jerry always supporting her and living each day to help her with her crisis. The way these old friends go is not written in books. They are like no other event we have to compare to because we are all living closer than we think to the last day of our life.

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