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Boom Boom:

Boom Boom, 6'x6', oils on canvas, 2018, Jim Foster

Completion of this painting brought me into a new world of imagination. I was at once flying through space instead of walking through the woods or a beautiful garden. It was a time to defy gravity within the painting instead I was looking at the depth behind it all. I could see structural elements as in architecture. The painting was from edge to edge as one united form.

In each closeup, I wanted exactly what I had edge to edge. And the brush strokes were so full of character I knew immediately not to take it any further.

While working for my father's construction company one of my jobs was, The Dynamite Man. Digging into hillsides with heavy rocks there wasn't a way to leverage them out so we dug holes, planted dynamite, and blew the hell out of everything. This painting started my recognition of the debris flying in space after these explosions blasted it all away.

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