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Boom Boom:

I let this piece explode out of my hands fortunately and never touched it again after a certain point. It was as good as any sex I'd ever had.

What I wanted to achieve was a depth that was more than pigment and it could possibly be seen as a form of infinity? I wanted to walk into it and through it. When I got to the other side I wanted to be somewhere different than when I walked in. Theater is always working within me. I like for my body, usually full scale, to be part of the adventure in the painting.

69"x69" is a nice size for this piece- it holds a wall nicely.

One of my great loves is making black from a lot of different colors with reflections of a different direction in a sort of shimmer. The last time I was in Seoul, S. Korea (2010) a style or trend women wore at the time was a deep deep blue-black or purple-black in suits. I was so impressed with the hidden color in these garments. Just a touch of red had been added to black so that it had a hidden power over all other colors. I didn't notice this style in the US.

Boom Boom represents an explosion in mid-air in which everything is flying equidistant including you- or you are about to take off.

Boom Boom also reminds me of the times I was bucked off a horse. When I hit the ground I was in free fall and had a catastrophic blunt picture in my head- Blinked Out. I could not see where I was but my mind stopped working for just a Boom. It was the most humiliating thing that ever happened to me. I Blinked out and it was a Boom Boom.

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