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Breakthroughs on Food.

Breakthroughs on Food. This is my latest creations in food. Sweetpotatoes, Jasmine rice, Hickory Smoked Bacon, Bananas, eggs-( in the dish ) sauteed in onions and herbs. The trick is every item has it's own baking time and then it all goes together on your plate. And Ohh- it was so just right delicious.

If we live art- it is what we do all day. My new thrill is cooking and I love to invent newness to everything about it. So I watch cooking shows to get an intro to safety in cooking and choosing food. Buying food now is so much more interesting because I know the differences in quality and in-season freshness, etc,etc.

When grandson Elliot and I cook together it is like two artists working on the same canvas. We talk a lot and listen to music and by the time we sit down to eat we are having an art ball.

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