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Building a Highway in Sky, Seoul S. Korea 2010:

Photographed going to airport in Seoul, S. Korea. A total highway being built in the air -were among the greatest art forms I saw there (2010). It was all outstanding with visionary prospects. I was among the best artists there, with, Mr. Hwang Wheon Cheol from Masan, S. Korea and Bokuden Matsuda from Fukuoka, Japan. How could I go wrong with such honored artists. It was such an honor to be there as an artist from the U.S.A. and I was proud to supportively smile and try to talk suggesting health and vitality. They thought I was so much like a country movie star John Wayne. I wore a Silverbelly Stetson Hat the first visit. We never realize how important Hollywood has been to introduce Americans outside the US.- To what is as close as they can come to understanding us- and what we are going to do next. I think I came as close as anyone they had known from the U.S.- we traveled together- lived together, many many times. To the point- they knew who I was.

One of my great gifts when visiting Japan and S. Korea to really get out and travel all over- mainly to the place where my sponsor artist lived and then to their capitol of country.

The food I ate was one of the greatest living events of my life. Any place we went to eat they many times had never seen a foreigner and then we were each from a different country - that usually don't mix that much. We were gregarious with each other and very generous as humans.

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