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Catchy Ballerina

The idea of figures in play on stage depicted in a graphic exposure with all kinds of mental proclivities. A viewer is on guard to catch the dance as part of the entertainment.

In private we have a distance between us and everyone else. In dance, we are skeptical as to where we fit in but the play or dance goes on to drag or propel us on to study motive, mood, euphoria. Sound is also a big part of any theater or dance- here sound is described with the vigor of the colors and applications.

I worked for my B.A. Degree at The Univerisity of Northern Colorado majoring in Theater the first two years. From then on I have loved theater in all my works as a background or foreground or prop to support the actor's story. All kinds of theater exist in our daily lives as we go about mixing and mingling with whomever we are accustomed to or surprised by. I live for the theater in real life, not with the proscenium arch.

The very year of graduation at U.N.C.,(63) I was president of the U.N.C. Concert Choir and I have always put music in the center of making my art make sense to me.

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