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Ceramic Vase Selections, 1,2,3

RAKU VASE,1994, ROOSTER,1990, HEN, 1990, FLOWER VASE, 2001. ALL MY GREAT LOVE FOR CLAY GOES INTO EACH ONE. Plus the search with a pencil for figure drawing and bringing that human figure into the belly of a pot. I've gone to the figure to get the shape in my pots- their belly's are the same form.

Porcelain, Raku fired with Gold Lustre, 6" x 6", 1990. Jim Foster

6"x 6", vase, 1994; Rooster, 7"x 3", 1990. Both pieces constructed as thrown clay. The first unique pieces from salt atmosphere gas-fired homemade kiln. I mixed my own clay, always,

and loved my own special recipes. I made clay as white as I could so I had more bounce to my colors in the kiln. Lusters were a special advantage in they came so close to making it a metal pot.

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