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Cincinnati Chile:

Cincinnati Chile was definitely Middle America in taste, charm(what there was of it!) ho-hum delightful. It looked too big to get down-it didn't look airy but it was. The spaghetti was perfect -I never tasted better- light, soft- oily, real easy to get down. The chile was very addictive- mouth-watering gulpable. And you threw it down and then the cheese hit the pallet of your mouth and it was gone. The cheese was so airy it almost wasn't cheese- it was another form of pasta that you didn't think about it was filling your gut and you didn't care what happened next. The sauce was the real silent kicker, it was like a semi mild sorta tasty vinegar - real orange-red color-after a while of eating you could have poured it on in pools. And then it was gone and someone ordered a cheesecake that passed by my eye and I said, Ohhh Brother,

let me have one of them. And that was the biggest mistake I made. I couldn't taste it- it was completely transparent. And then it was gone. We walked outside and it was hot and muggy with total sunshine and we were surrounded by the city of Cincinnati. Boom Boom walked to a brand new Tesla with the most radically dark blue - got in - turned on the airconditioning and radio governed by the central nervous system of an electric car and listened to Mac Miller. We were back in comfort.

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