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East Garden Memory/Meditation Path and Way:

I know- this looks very barren and bleak but it is not for vanity but the inner person who is looking for us into the future. The Path is to start walking with no connection to the world and its troubles but a clear way to clean our minds and start an adventure that leads to peace. This path goes on and on, it starts where ever you are first discovering a new way to walk and talk to everything.

When I get on the path, sometimes barefoot, I lose track of the day and I begin to feel- this is all for me and I have nothing to lose by trying to get somewhere else. It's my path to a new life. In walking my mind is cleansed and becomes connected to my heart. My lungs breathe as deep as I want to think. I become so thankful I can walk and I talk to my feet and tell them how beautiful they are and how thankful I am that they have held me up each day.

This is a funny part of the Meditation Path- do you see over to the left a rusted-looking old metal bucket-turned upside down? That bucket was handed to me as a brand new shiny stainless steel bucket that I was to go to the barn and milk a cow for our daily use when I was 13 yrs. old. I always carried this bucket with me and brought back all the milk I could manifest from an excellent Holstein Cow. I loved drinking milk and could go through lots of it as I was always big for my age and used as a workman for the farm. I started working as an adult very early in age- it never hurt me- but it did cause me to think with the principle of work as a value in life- forever.

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