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Falling Water:

Falling Water, 55"x 55", oils on canvas, 2019, Jim Foster

This painting has so much cool and hot movement. The red is almost real blood, the blue is almost real water. I mixed a ton of silver with gold to make the ruddy metal colors. Two different pinks- that's a blast. When I cut my body it looks like this for a while. I love the action of my body in reflections and then paint to see if I can come close to the same action repeated. ( I am not a cutter! Please, that does not appeal to me.)

As a farm kid I butchered my fair share of animals. Sometimes the blood was all over the place. Cleaning up was slip slop lots of drops. Then it was packaged and all gone. Next !!!! God was gracious to those who survived and we thought nothing of it. Throw out the water on the plants- they need the drink.

The extra excitement is to be living so comfortably that there is no sense of difficulties in survival but our minds will never forget all we have been through. We have been knocked down and had to get up with determination to keep going and live a new day. This painting is about that new day when all is flowing past and we can feel the movement in our eyes and our blood, in the breath we breathe each time. I marvel that we have no track of our heart and how much it has to work to keep everything moving, jumping, turning with each twist.

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