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Fathers and Sons, with one wife:

Family and Friends: at Nimo's Sushi (4/11)and such stories to tell. Mark ( the elder ) is from Washington D.C. area and is father to Mike Freeman who was seated across, as well as his wife Angie. This is a feast I would like to share with my friends in e-land. There has never been enough of this human efforts to Love each other and praise each other and really let the ball roll around- in and out of each person at the table. I said, this is Prayer, Mark said, what makes it prayer? I said, I started off talking to you in prayer. I am wanting great things to happen for you and me. We are getting to know each other now. Our wives passed on just two weeks apart with Demensia. I wanted to know someone with the same experience that I had, with Sue's passing. His experience was totally different.

We will take some walks with each other and find out more. I know I am a different person. I just need to get back to work so bad. And I'm doing it- little bit by little bit. Thanks for your help out there. This beautiful dinner was paid for by the young men at table. So I drank Saki like it was water- really had a ball.

This was the first dish for four. We had Saki in a huge bottle. Our conversation started with Mark discussing his life and place where he lives in Washington D.C. area. He is 85, I am 81. Nobody was lacking in appetite for this meal.

I treat these social get togethers as Art Feasts. We get together with everything we have to be human and share stories of our lives. You know your successful if there's plenty of laughter and lots of mixing of seasoning from our spirits. I felt like everyone was a brother and sister.

We ended up trading phone numbers and emails to get back together. I love the sharing, it was so deeply needed.

You can see the surprise in John Foster's eyes. Nice spot on eye contact with Mark Freeman. At this point we were hungry and we ate royally as if it were the best thing that happened all day.

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