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Figurative Mind: Explorations:

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Figurative Mind; 4'x5', copper sheet, patina painting, 2001.

Initially, I began all my thinking from drawing the human figure and getting an accurate drawing of things as I wanted them to represent a nontheatrical pose. Then I went to Theater as a new way to suggest motives of storytelling adventures. Then I took the figure apart to let the stories began to expand into much more theory and perspectives.

The Figurative Mind: 4'x5' copper sheet, 2008, patina painting.

This piece really is a whopper, very explosive to me. I hope this relates to how close Visual Art is to Music. This piece has to burst with joy and heat and rage and love. I want it to be parallel linked in with today's music. I call it- Party Art, yeah. Remember Bar Bezar in Fort Collins, below the old Northern Hotel. I'm a singer- so I always got a tune going on in my head- humming, usually bass. My first real art teacher was Katharyn Bauder, who was my voice coach and choir leader- (for whom the Elementary School in Fort Collins on West Prospect was named.) She was tough. She was honest to God =teacher, she expected you to keep time and tune. I owe her a debt of gratitude to this day- she gave me a show nuff kind of mind. I was cast as Tin Woodsman in "Wizard of Oz", Senior Year 1957 at Fort Collins High School. And I've never been able to escape the Tin Woodsman - if I only had a Heart !!! I'll never stop Howlin at night- I'd blow my trumpet to till I found out- how - just how good that horn could sound and then the golden sound of an old man who knows how to sing.

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