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Grab your hat- don't look back-OK !!!

Living in the Los Angeles neighborhood- Pamona, Riverside, Irvine, I knew I had stepped on into another land. Driving in to L.A. on Harbor Frwy. I smelled Orange Blossoms in with the diesel, the smell of the freeway and whatever joined it - the roar. I had a teaching job in Riverside, CA a place called Rubidoux High. It was on the other side of the tracks, they hired me because I was big, looked like I could control the situation. I had no idea what I was stepping into. After a year of living on the other side of the river- Riverside, I could see what I was in for. I began to scout out "art" in L. A. and it was all Los Ciennaga Blvd. and Sunset Blvd. and The Strip. I shopped for clothes on Sunset Blvd. Looking for things nobody had ever seen- clothes that had a zing and were very laidback fine. The gallery scene was as good and NYC only real laid back and pretending nothing was happening- L. A. style.

This piece, a duet, was what discovering Los Angeles was to me- driving in- seeing the sights, parking the car, walking around, looking looking looking. What is going on here- look at it. See it - try to register- what is going on here?Off to the Los Angles Co. Museum of Art.

This piece says it all to me. It's about the east side and the west side of L.A. and the beach.

You have to stick around and catch the nightlife if you want to know L.A. You've got to be hungry for something you've never had before. Bring it On- L.A. will bring it on buster. you better be prepared to wake up the next morning- at home. Alone, except I got a kid. Looks like somebody else will handle things today. Or- I got a teaching job to show up for to. Ohhh.

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