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Green On Black,

Art Keeps Me Alive and Well.

This painting (55"x60") Green on Black, 2019, Jim Foster, Becomes my thinking, I am emersed.

Installed by my bed, I go to sleep and wake with it on my mind.

In the middle of winter, it keeps me warm, I let go and enter it.

This is back to the point - it is something we call ambiance.

A great part of this painting done while my wife was still alive. Her caregiving started taking more and more steady time to the point this painting became a squirt of all kinds of finalities. It was a finish for me and I was out of energy to do any more work.

So - when my work stopped I became a full-time caregiver and I changed my life in stopping my art. I still am miles away from starting again and it has been over two years. I'm into returning now and cleaning/clearing out my space.

My ideas about starting are to go back to this piece and what I had going here. But it never goes that way. I never know what I am really going to do. I'm always a free agent, in love, with what I do.

One thing interesting about my formulations in oils and synthetic plastics- the surface of this work continues to exist as a liquid surface and the plastic nature is to add to oil paint structure as a liquid. Next in real experimentation is the applicator and applications of paint that become like they are as a wand from my hand and a method of flow in each delivery. After I finished this piece I knew I had something very special. I came back an hour later and realized it was way too splashy with each stroke creating wave crests. I did not like this. So I wet down an applicator with thinner and began to stroke each band of color. I got it down to completely smooth like it is now. It took that extra magic to complete this piece.

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