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Hands Up - Hands Down

Married 58 years to Lola Sue and I still reverend this very strong woman who passed on October 16, 2019. Life seems to go on and on till one day it turns a very big 90 degrees and maybe another 90 to let you know it is not all automatic- you have to do your share to get the input. And how many times in life I thought nothing was happening but it was just like a very slow-moving river drifting in the shades of life.

Now I have so many reflections of what was going on in my life. Then it just couldn't be that dull and unremarkable. Lola took care of a whole family while I tried to keep funds going to keep the roof over our heads. She was the mom I was the dad. I could never have found a more beautiful person to share life with. She was so nurturing and intelligent.

Now I can hold this mold made arm of hers and feel so much strength of her life as she gave it to her family so freely. I'm humbled that we could live like we wanted and change so many things that didn't need to exist to go usually to a more simple way of carrying on with the tasks of life, never-ending. I couldn't have done it without her. Thanks, loving Lola.

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