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Innocent Driving Lights :

The visual elation looking out my front window at night, (entry to my home), with highway traffic eventually passing the house, is like a movie constantly ongoing. Weather forecast is seen by traffic lights, coming and going, I notice how much snow is falling. The ice on the highway is, shiny/slick,= slippery- dry being the fresh snow. The circus of moving autos has no plan at all-it is spontaneous. As traffic moves along I notice cars eventually passing by and the speed they are going is not always the same- even though a speed sign well-marked reads 45 mph. The Light Show could not be more provocative and illusional.

Of course, I am reminded of how many times when I was just a kid we fed cattle and horses until getting dark. Many fingers and toes were freezing- in those days it was all work. All these signs of weather we just tried to get the work done and work with the weather.

The nice thing about Colorado is one day it looks like the last day on earth- the next day the sun is shining and it looks like you could be in Palm Springs, CA.

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