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Jim Foster, in an idle moment, to reflect on nothing.

This is ten years ago from today, 2011. Mark James the photographer and he did a superb job. I can't speak highly enough about Mark James and he made a classic of me. Thanks Mark !!!

At the time I did not like this photograph. I thought it out of place with where I was at, it was too old then. Now I can accept the aging process and even envy it, How I wish I was that age look now. Time- is no wheeler-dealer, you are always going down or aging. When you are young you just take it for granted that this is the way it is and you don't have time to think about the rest. Now I am ten years older and I'm proud to be standing so good as I am. For now I want to come back to using this photo just for the history. I am very thankful.

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