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Jimmy's Million Dollar Pecan Pie:

Honey, get ready for your mouth to say Whoaaa this is very very different- yess !

All you have to do is use your usual artist gift to make it happen.

My morning breakfast treat on the first day of the year on one of my hand-thrown porcelain saucers with cobalt decoration- and Keewee Fruit- the elixir of life, my new pecan pie.

This pie was sent to me from heaven it is so good. Always choose the best ingredients, honey, whole pecans, cranberries, lumpy applesauce, blueberries, and tsp. of vanilla with love always flowing over the top. From there you can make up the rest. I am trying everything in the world that makes sense to my tongue and intuition and it just keeps getting better and better-especially the next day.

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