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KISS, bronze, 4'x3', Jim Foster

KISS-bronze, 4'x 3', 1995, Patina, polychrome,ceramic stains, raku, Jim Foster

This KISS. bronze was shipped to Fukuoka, Japan and Seoul, S. Korea 1995 and was a thriller everywhere it showed. World Peace Through Art Show, artists : Bokuden Matsuda from Fukuoka, Japan and Whang Weon Cheol from Masan, S. Korea. They all loved the KISS idea and that I was showing there made it extra Conversocial.

Our attempts to really bring about World Peace were very futile. I didn't think it was about that at all - it was more about our belief that war was no longer as valuable as our artists in every country. To make art more important than making war was already something every artist strives for- so why not support them more than war.?. Art has more value than war.

Photos by Joe Coca

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