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Movement Art: ek phraftic: writing within witness to another art form= ek phraftic.

This new work and fascination of mine is to catch the most unusual background form in motion behind what would have been another setup with subject that was what the visual picture was about from the beginning.OK,

Ek-phraftic: works on top of works, described in writing.A moving truck, 50 mph. past + Stone Portrait 1 & 2., 15"h. x 14"w. at base.

Theater is very important to me. So this stresses the point of illusion, built, and in motion plus a central visual figure, giving artwork by hand, in this case.

Plus I think the artwork on the truck bed is fabulous, for a catch.

The Portrait of a Stone, porcelain in salt fired, 15"h. x 14"w. ( 0ld fence post cutoffs I adored.)

The rock additions to central form are considered artworks, possible models for new works.

(for your information, I was actually raised on a real farm and ranch from 13 till I left home. Some of the neat things I have found to use in my artworks are remnants of my early kidhood. I also had a cutting torch in my hand when I was practically born. So I love steel, just pure ole steel. OK) I can make steel fly. OK, Thanks, Jim

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