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Movent Art:

Movement Art 2, I continue my efforts to get movement behind my works with composition fo artworks in front, maybe both as a surprise to the other.

I have to tell you- I live in Pickville's main door. And you might as well not cuss where you are because you have a roof over your head. oK. Every vehicle is a prize winner to me- it is just where the action goes when you snap the button. Some of this I am actually just surprized I got them at all, motion has to be detected by obvious past attempts at perfection. oK.

I always try to get the vehicle in between pieces, that is my goal.

And then I loved the way the Portrait of a Stone, 1 & 2, came out, they look a little camerlised in color and value.

The green-faced, splashed two head, Portrait piece is, 25 1/2"h. x 15"w. x 10"d. porcelain. This piece has a double head, I always titled it: The Big Head. It was in a kiln accident in which an entire load of sculpture feel on it in the firing, something gave way. I kinda liked it because it actually survived well it you just let it hang. Kilns sometimes determine everything.

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