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Nan McKinnell and Jim Foster, long time ago.

What an honor it was to know and be a friend of Nan and Jim McKinnell. They both were totally different artists than myself but we loved our differences and spoke highly of each other.

At the point of this photograph I carried Nan out to her chair, and many other trips we made. She only weighed 75? lbs. here. We always laughed and had such a great time. Soon after this photo I lost 75 lbs. and changed quite a bit myself. We really enjoyed each other's artwork. Nan tried to keep a bottle of Jamison's to make sure I would stay and talk. ( can you imagine Nan going into a liquor store to buy a bottle of Jamison's. She did, she told me where she went. I bet she had her secret agent look on. ? ) haha.

One of the trips I wanted to take Nan McKinnell on was sitting in my car and going through the car wash. It was always such a visual experience full of artworks all around. I thought she might also be frightened so the trip never worked out but it was being talked about.

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