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Nan McKinnell pots,

Who wouldn't spot these killer pots? Nan McKinnell and her zest at it's best in these precious works. We loved the McKinnells both. They both really affected Lola Sue and me in our lives.

The red pot on the left has not been properly dressed and cleaned at the bottom. I kinda like that- the pot in its roughness is original- out of the kiln. Nobody knows the amount of cleanup and finesse that goes into making each sparkling beauty but these pots were made by Nan and they had Jimmy's glazes all works are under 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" and are extremely light and yet not delicate at all. These are Nan's forms of course - they will withstand any kind of handling. Ohhh how I love to handle these works, feeling every turn, every quick change in direction of the clay, surface and fatness. And kiss the lip of each work- you can feel so-o much in that hand that left its last impression. Our lives are recorded in the touch we give each other and each piece of art. If only we had art shows instead of war to prove anything.

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