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Pitcher in Jiki Porcelain, 10 1/2" x 7"(including handle) 1983

Yeah, Porcelain especially Jiki was a Bitch. It made you play by the rules, I never understood the rules till I got to all the mistakes I made. Porcelain was cruel, it would then crack and warp in the most strange ways- but it was all because your hands were the last things that touched the shape, and perhaps the clay. I always mixed my own clay. That was the fun part.

The thrill of sitting on the tailgate of your pickup truck with a ton of freshly mixed clay on either side of you- even if it was 500 lbs. It was a thrill to unload all that clay into and old refrigerator laying on it's side and finish - exhausted. Time to go get a beer and celebrate.

The clay artist - always had clay in their hair, their pants especially and their nails into cuticles. The clay artist I wanted to be always had clay on their shoes and went everywhere.

And they especially like to sit with their legs apart looking real relaxed. It did not make any difference what the next guy had on especially if he had a good-looking girl. That was back when girls were real girls and stopped there. I had no idea anybody could be anything but what they were if they had great tits or mustache. Today's world is a jumble jumble whoalll lot of mumble and a crawfish pie with sweet potatoes caramelized on the side and an ice pick. My age person has no idea what this is all about. All I know about is just ME. And I love him so much- my hero all the wayyy. And I got the greatest kids, every one of um, even Emma.

I love um all. It is such a pleasure to get all this with my oldies and goodies and I appreciate so much that I make this open to share with you. jim

Thank you Dear Father in Heaven and Mother too!!!

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