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Portrait of a Stone #2., 12"h. x 11"w., porcelain, high fired salt atmosphere plus carbonation.

My delight is always finding stones that tell a story- their madness- their calamities. Yes, stones have a madness unlike ours, that can't move anywhere forever and then they become rolling stones and they don't know where to hell they are going to land. Unlike us.

The magic within each of these stones is remarkable, they can't tell you a thing. You have to give it a whirl of a few moments, in fact sometimes it turns out you go on an adventure the stone directs to show you their history and adventures in being made. Nobody gets laid-OK.

The very top form on this piece is a corral. It was taken off a broken-off piece that landed on my deck and managed not to be shoved off into the dark underworld under the deck. This corral came off the Quadulan Island my brother Mike and his family were living on (1980's), as a Military Installation Testing Ground. The corral was sent to me as a token of love from Mike and his family from when they swam off beach from their residence. So this member that is a top-knot for the Stone, is coming from a lot of information/History/birthing from an ocean life far far away. That corral form joins the other stones in equal dimensions of change and solidifying with a reason for being part of this stone's portrait. I chose each stone strictly in need of the physical form, shape, color, demand?

To counter this Portrait of a Stone with my great love of portrait work of humans and my own persona. I feel it gives me a lot of depth to think about in each having its own possessions. This leads me on to going into each territory with a kind of Theater adventure and possible writing. We will have to see how this goes. I love the adventure we can build in our minds to then go on to a video or theater play. I have come from a culture that strictly forbids the making of idols and this comes close to that same adoration and love. Except I don't have any worship attached. I laugh at it all. But it's fun to become rather strict about each motives.

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