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Printmaking on Metals

Center metal form is a bronze plate, 4'x3', with 12" wide copper sheet frame. I started using the center form as a printing press plate. Using rubber based inks I rolled colors onto this metal as it was my printing plate. Drawing and rolling the inks on this metal plate was simple and easy - so every detail became part of a print as I put the paper down on my inked plate. Various methods used pressing the paper down on print head to receive the ink. In lifting the paper up I was very amazed at the whole composition being reversed from the initial work on metal. All this was exploratory and blunt in a new appearance. At first I was in total shock.

Finally, after 12-15 prints I pulled off this one form I decided not to clean it but leave with ink on original metal and let it be a final work of art. Final measurement = 5'x4'-exterior .

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