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Raspy-Trumpet by Jim

This is what I do when I get the feeling I'm lonely.

This trumpet can really change the ball game- it's my challenge to change. Yes-s I change everything with this sound.

The good thing about my sound- is it just gets better. But you've got to be willing to start out kind of ruff and tumble. The raspy-trumpet is not a pretty instrument if the player is lost- doesn't have a clue- could care less. The trumpet will puke on that poor poor soul.

It takes a lot of practice to like this instrument- you gotta love to practice. Practice always makes things better and then I get worn out. I'm tired of putting my body and soul into this tinny bunch of metal. The twists and turns are mechanical- there is nothing organic about this wind spreader of a blaghh. Maybe the lips are the organic part of the actual trumpet. But,,, it's beautiful. I love to pull it out just to look at it. I felt like sharing it with you.

Thanks- in Peace and Good Will.


PS - I started playing in jr. high band and then went on to voice choral only. My voice was so good because I grew up in a religious life in which there were no instruments in worship. It was all up to you to produce what was there and my sound. I learned a lot from that continual training and practice. I still remember giggling as my father held me in church while singing bass. Bass in a singer can be a very bouncy - profound sound.

The trumpet outperforms the voice with projection and oscillations unknown to the voice. The trumpet serenades the lovers, the voice or voices are the lovers.

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