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Runner's: silicon bronze 3x 3', Purchased by Loveland Arts Commission for Loveland Civic Center,2002

Purchased by Loveland Arts Commission, and installed in the Civic Center,2002.

At the time our son John Foster was a track star coming from Poudre High School going on to CSU with a full scholarship on the track team. I witnessed his efforts by going to his races and was so moved to create this piece that really was the beginning of all the anxiety and stress a long-distance runner goes through in being number one. Living a life dedicated to being in top-notch shape plus lots of luck determined to even finish the race with other equally qualified runners the same age. This became his life and reason to always look at life- like a Long Distance Runner. He was lean and mean and knew how to use his elbows to bump the competition back before he was in last place.

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