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Sail Away:

Updated: May 12, 2021

36"x 36" x 12", cast bronze, 1995

36"x 36" x 12", cast bronze, 1995

This piece started out as a ceramic form, fired once to bisque then glazed and another firing to make glaze go-to glass. Then rubber molds made with plaster jackets to hold in place= to then pour a wax form - the size of this piece. Liquid metal poured into the hole the wax became but was heated and melted out for that form. Tim Joseph Foundry off Sherwood St. by the railroad tracks off Cherry St. Fort Collins, poured all my bronzes. Then many hours chasing, grinding, sanding, patina and mirror polish. While sitting and looking for hours at mistakes or problems.

Then setting up a granite base with holes drilled to match holes in the bronze so it can be screwed to the granite, underneath.

And all this because I loved sailing a boat and I watched the sail constantly on a little 12' snark sailboat. It was another Free Form of Fun for Jim that I could haul in my pickup truck and load and go anywhere and get in the water and go-when it was warm.

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