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Scatalogically Sound:

Scatalogically Sound:

Moomba- Zoomba - I always love cutouts. Just to see what they will turn into next. Here we have two opaque composites that work well one on top of the other and then we wonder what the Hell is going on Here !!! So I put it in my duplicator and used as stationary to write on the back with this surprise- which was free- to my companion. Nobody can figure it out but it works- like nuts in a candy bowl.

So- after Matisse, who could not love cutouts! I love the exact line made by the scissors and then you can double or triple the images by folding the paper and cutting in patterns you never knew existed.

It takes a lot of childlikeness to do dumpy things like this but if you are starting with dumpster special what more can you ask for than the thrill of your life. Go For It !!! What have you got to lose. This is why I am always on the move to grab a spectacle from off the pathway of people. I pick up trash and incorporate it with something else that is just as spectacular. Ala Freeby !! There is always so much you can find but you can't take it all home.

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