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Self Portrait, encaustic oils on board, 34" x 30" :

Self Portraits are one of my favorites. My problem is I'm too used to other artist's styles of handling the touchdown with the hand of a marker of some kind.

The Self Portraits I do are done on cheap materials and India Ink on paper, etc.

This very special piece began without my knowing it was in the works. I completely let myself

fall into making this statement. It comes off very well, I like it, this is sincere without being goofy or dumb or self-ego gone hysterical.

This painting is on wood, a door panel, lots of gesso to get it without the texture of wood. With this piece I totally got into a trance, a state of mind in which I let anything happen, I act very quickly on instinct. I don't mess around with doing it right. It's already something else than me leading my hand. I do make many mistakes and have to pull myself out of the hole I've gotten in.

I like something bold to happen, I'm always into surprise and laughter over how dumb or great that last move was. It's like riding a snow sled- oh my god it's slippery and backs up on a dime. This piece is spooky. It's always speaking to me- telling- listen. So- I'm listening all the time to my works. I sometimes dance and sing and play the trumpet ( very roughly !!!) And I love maracas. I really get into the swing of things and putter around and eventually paint. Dancing in front of the piece to let that action enter into the painting message. Selecting the brush for this piece was a big decision.

I liked this piece the second it was done.


jim 8/9/21

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