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The Thrill is ON- Print Making:

Print Making is a wonder. You can't get over pulling the print after inking up a plate- it is taken off- your finished print has everything on the opposite side but is infinitely exactly like the details you decided on while applying the inks.

I, fortunately, went to a small printshop in town and asked if they had any throwaway inks they could let me take? They did- but unfortunately, these inks were very caustic and bad to breathe their emissions. I went ahead and used them to get started with doors wide open and a fan near to get rid- and I still breathed too much. But this got me started.

Inks and thinners can be quite caustic so beware of old industrial products- they will kill you.

From my background as a university teacher, I knew lots about art materials. I love to experiment with all kinds of products. I always use a mask while in operation and mixing.

In printmaking, inks are applied with a roller. Rollers- Brayers are in different widths, sizes, textures, etc on to house paint rollers with 2" depths of absorption. Cleaning up after printing is the absolute pits. But you have to clean up everything otherwise it is permanent - next day.

What you are printing on is the next most important decision made. Always work with the best you can afford- the client and you will assume that you are a professional or a gambler.

In my method of printing, I can work as large as I feel needed. Working in larger sizes means that my images can be more simple thus giving a minimal arrangement of forms yet be bold.

I created a printing head that could be moved to fit over the paper to be able to work any size. I called this a "Flying Print Plate". This was very experimental and full of opportunities.

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