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Throwing Mud- Throwing Colors:

As a fourteen year old I loved what I could do with a shovel in shaping a channel for water- as I helped my father irrigate 160 acres of farmland north of Wellington CO. (1953) That is as close as I can come to what I do in painting . I still like the feeling of the shovel in my spatula full of color. As I directed the path of the water it was saturating vast acres in a short time. And when it stopped- you were out of water. With the paint brush you simply dipped into the mixture and came out swinging with a full head of energy and joy and a blob to the canvas. The soil I dug with a shovel is exactly what I do with paint on my palette. Mixing colors is half the fun.

This is what I love about doing these paintings- this is my thrill. There is a form of architecture and mathematics I silently enjoy composing. The thrill is in the layering of thoughts on math, geometry, geography. My enjoyment of outer space transportation leaves me in complete awe. The new designs of outer space clearly leave my early farming days behind but somehow I keep mixing the two technologies together. It’s like a picture of history being made and a vision of it all- still remembering the past and trying to get ready to understand the future. Painting.

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