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Twisted Steel Sculpture:

Twisted Steel Sculpture, 3/4" rebar, 7'x7'x9',2020, Jim Foster. I don't expect anyone to like these steel pieces, they are so abstract and unfinished but I do them for ideas for myself. Ideas for further combinations with other materials. This is the way I get into new thinking by going ahead with an idea and seeing what might happen next. I have 5 or 6 more of these structures around and I roll them over and place them in new sites for ideas of how to carry on to new works sometimes illogical yet close to a new breakthrough for me in ideas. I collected huge amounts of this old-style twisted rebar, usually used in structural concrete enforcement. The steel was junk there was no doubt about it but that is the way art starts sometimes with raw materials used to paint or grinding it to the point it looks crafty and intelligent. The line produced by the twisty steel is a lot like a pencil line suggesting it has an ephemeral quality and can be fabricated with other structures to enhance or romance the idea of complete informality to an idea or representing flight, surprize or organic look.

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