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Wisdom Stone: 10" x 8", stone and wood as base.

This monument was given to me as a present, a "Wisdom Stone". I took the stone in my hands and wondered what would be brought to me because it was like nothing I had ever had before. The carved wood base, the stone is mounted in is convincing enough to help realize this was not a commercial-type gift- it was from one philosopher to another, from- eons of time. This stone is meant to be in action with your life as you commit yourself to new thinking and approaches to art never there before. This stone appeared and works within my thinking forever.

I let this stone take action by creating a series of works fabricated in clay, titled Portrait of A Stone. ( 15 pieces followed in different scales and concepts, many different firings.) The wood base is created from years of setting the mood of contemplation and reactions which follow to make the hand and head of the artist produce new works.

Thanks to Mr. Hwang Weon Cheol for this sincerity in believing in my ability to carry on with his accommodations and support, he has been like a brother to me.

I will follow up by showing more Portraits of a Stone, never seen by anyone.

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