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Wisdom Stone, 10"x10", stone + carved wood base holder:

Wisdom Stone, 10x10", stone and wood base, hand-carved from an ancient form= and this may well be an ancient piece of work.

I was given this Wisdom Stone in an act of a sharing philosopher artist, Hwang Weon Cheol, of Masan, S. Korea, 1995. This stone was a favorite of Hwang Cheol's wife who was given this piece by her major professor in school. I was the recipient because of my being a partner in establishing a world-traveling show, World Peace Through Art, 1995-2019.

This stone has always been in a position of contemplation and total quiet solitude. I have enjoyed having it as compared to a work of art. It has been powerful to have as a power within my working activities. Thanks to you Mr. Hwang Weon Cheol.

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